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We're aware that plastic bags won't just disappear overnight; but we're willing to put in our best to offer you an ecological alternative. Cotton, canvas, natural fiber, bamboo, palm leaf alternative. Cotton, canvas, natural fiber, bamboo, palm leaf and handmade paper...
Kope Initiatives
1) Working Conditions: The working conditions of a factory / unit must allow for proper ventilation & light. It must have satisfactory sanitation facilities and potable water. The workers are allowed appropriate number and duration of "breaks". There is at least 1 day off for all workers in a week.

2) Work Hours: Work Hours do not exceed the limits prescribed by the Ministry of Labor, Government of India.

3) No Child Labor: No Child below the age of 18 is employed in any manufacturing / hazardous activities.

4) Force / Coercion: No one is an employee of an organization due to any force such as threats, coercion or penalty for non performance. All the people are employed with their voluntary consent.

5) Fair Wages: The limits for the minimum wage per day are fixed by the Ministry of Labor, Government of India. All the employees are paid wages above the prescribed limit of minimum wages.

6) Non Discrimination: No one is denied the right of employment on the basis of his sex, race, cast or religion. People are employed purely on the basis of their merit, competence, skill and other relevant criteria.

7) Health & Safety: Adequate measures are taken to ensure proper working conditions. Precautionary measures are taken regarding the health & safety of all the workers. Protective Clothing is supplied for jobs involving a potential danger. First Aid & Other medical kits are kept ready for any accidents or untoward happening.

8) Environment Protection: The companies adhere to all the guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Environment, Government of India. Most companies ensure that no / minimum damage is caused to the environment due to their manufacturing activities.
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