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We are an ecologically-sensitive, ethical company offering natural, organic & sustainable products that are made while strictly adhering to a fair wage trade practice. We employ needy men & women to provide them with livelihood. We work with fabrics developed from cotton, canvas, natural fibers, denim, jute and organic cotton. We make bed sheets, bedding sets and pillow covers.
Bedding Sets
The organic cotton bedding set design 1.
These economical organic cotton bedding sets are very comfortable.
You'll love these affordable organic cotton bedding sets.
Folks, who buy these bedding sets simply love them.
Visit our entire range of organic cotton bedding sets. You can choose from regular cotton, organic cotton and bamboo options.
See our promotional cotton bedding sets catalog.
These colored cotton bedding sets are soft to use.
We developed this style of bedding set for a customer in England who loved them.
Our organic cotton certified bed sheet range catalogue can be viewed online from any part of the world.
The stripped cotton bedding set is one of the most sought-after in our entire range.
Certified Organic Bedding Set with contrasting border.
100% Natural Organic Cotton Bedding Set.
We develop new custom
products each time a
client asks us for
something new .